In-Office Testing

Brookside Gynecology offers a full range of gynecological testing services at our Greenwich office, including standard screenings for cancer, STDs and incontinences. We also provide the tests listed below.

First Trimester Genetic Screening

Brookside Gynecology offers first trimester obstetric care including genetic screening. The Brookside physicians will discuss the various options and together will make a plan for your unique situation. While we do not do obstetrics past 12 weeks of pregnancy, we will work with you to choose your physician for your ongoing pregnancy care and help you with that transition, and we hope to continue serving all of your gynecologic needs after your delivery.

Incontinence Evaluation

Many women experience problems with urination, whether it is leakage with exercise, laughing, coughing or feeling the need to urinate frequently. We work with you to define the issues, evaluate you , and emphasize non-surgical treatment. Dr. Williams is highly experienced in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of urinary leakage, frequency and feelings of urgent need to urinate.


Ultrasound is performed by our female Sonographer, in Brookside’s comfortable and private ultrasound suite. An ultrasound exam can help find causes of pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding. It can be used to identify a pelvic mass and to diagnose and treat infertility, among other things. Brookside does not charge a facility fee in addition to your imaging.

In-Office Blood Draw Station

Brookside has a Labcorp lab in- office, but capable of sending your blood work or specimens to the lab of your choice. While Labcorp is in- network with most insurances, we recommend you check with your policy to confirm coverage.