Abnormal Pap testing is among the most common problems faced by women today. When a result showing abnormal cells is returned on your Pap test we  may recommend a colposcopic evaluation to further evaluate your cervix, vagina or vulva. Colposcopy may also be used to visualize more closely changes that might concern us,  such as inflammation of the cervix, genital warts, or for women with a history of genital cancers.

What to expect:

The procedure will usually take 15 to 20 minutes and involve examination with a magnifying instrument called a colposcope. A vinegar or iodine solution may be used to determine areas of abnormality on the cervix or vaginal walls. These areas of abnormality will be biopsied and the material sent to the pathologist for testing. We might  take one or more biopsies, depending on your individual findings. Generally, cervical biopsies cause no more discomfort than cramping or pressure. Vaginal or vulvar biopsies will likely require more anesthesia.

After the exam:

Results will usually return within 1 week and we will make an individualized plan with you for future care. This may involve close monitoring or further biopsy and/or treatment. You should avoid tampons, douching, and intercourse until the cervix has healed- usually 1 week. Normally you may experience some minor bleeding or spotting after the procedure. If you have heavier bleeding, cramping or fever, you should call the office immediately.

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